shutterstock_78786244With Spring finally thawing the remaining evidence of Winter throughout the country, all the white shrink-wrappings and tattered blue tarps covering the boats will suddenly look out of date, wrong, misplaced. They’re no longer protections – they’re obstructions. We’re itchy to get under them. So, the wrappers finally come off and we see the objects of our affection again after the long winter exile. It’s a nice moment.

But seasons or no seasons, sooner or later everybody has to get down to the business of maintenance. has accumulated some good articles on the subject, so without further ado here’s some solid advice for those who are about to pull back those covers:

Uncover it, clean it, hit the basics

Hit that gelcoat

Check and double-check the systems

Work up the wood

Protect against corrosion underwater

Emergency gear run-through

For a general, all-in-one list, read Get Your Powerboat Ready for Spring: 31 Hot Tips.

Source:; March 8, 2012.