Finding Pure Gas For Your Engine Just Got EasierPowerboat Nation revealed in a recent publication some of the terrible details about what E15 Ethanol Fuel can do to your engine. You may be wondering… how to avoid putting this engine killer in your boat?

Wonder no longer, as the website contains all the information you need to find your nearest ethanol-free gasoline. The locations on the site are all user generated, so if you know of a local station to you that sells ethanol free gas then make sure you post it so others can find it. This amazing resource is great for traveling to poker runs, as you’ll know where to fill up before hitting the water! The Pure Gas website also publishes its own iOS and Android apps for checking on the go! With over 7,000 stations currently listed, you shouldn’t have any problem finding pure gas in your area, unless you live in California or Nevada where the map of mostly devoid of pure gas stations.

Source:; September 16, 2013.