Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 2.29.30 PMBoats need constant attention. Here are five tips for easy boat maintenance that will keep yours in top condition.

  1. Don’t ever try to take anything apart aboard your boat unless you have a service manual for it.
  2. Check the oil whenever you use the engine. If the oil level is low, top it up immediately. Don’t try to remember to do it when you return, because you’ll always forget.
  3. When you wax the hull, don’t forget to do the chrome, too. A good coat of wax can prevent pitting and will help remove the salt and dirt as well.
  4. Improper tire inflation is the primary cause of trailer tire wear. If the tire wears on the outer edges, it’s under-inflated. If it wears in the center, it’s over-inflated.
  5. It’s almost impossible to prevent tiny tears in seat cushions and other vinyl products, but the repair is fairly easy. Be sure to make the repair as soon a possible, since small tears rapidly become large ones.

Source:; Carol Cronin; May 28, 2014.