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The Dangers of Boating Under the Influence

From June 27 to 29, marine patrols and other boating enforcement agencies across the country will be participating in Operation Dry Water, an awareness and enforcement campaign initiated by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). A 2006 survey of college students (provided by NASBLA) noted that 45 percent of respondents had consumed alcohol while boating. College kids are,

Safer Boating Through Bridges, Locks & Dams

Check out Boating Mag's newest boat safety guide — the experts' guide to cruising these navigation bottlenecks — below. Meandering along winding rivers or squeezing down narrow channels isn’t particularly hard with today’s chart plotters. Even rain, fog and night are cut by high-definition radar and night-vision gear. But electronics offer little help where man-made obstacles — bridges, locks and

Passing On The Tradition Of Boating

As GTMM is based on a family tradition of boating, we found this article regarding passing on the passion of boating really fascinating. Check out a portion of the article below, or click here to read it in full. Now in its 10th season, Deadliest Catch still ranks as one of my favorite TV shows. I draw parallels between the

Spring Boating Safety Tips

Here’s your Spring Boating Safety Checklist. Complete safety inspection of the engine, hull, and other systems should take, at most, an hour or two. Out of the Water Inspect and lubricate seacocks. Hoses and hose clamps (two at each fitting below or near the waterline) should be inspected and replaced as necessary. This is also the best time to replace gate

Replacing Exhaust Bellows

Photo Courtesy of Brand-new bellows keep sterndrives in good condition. Sterndrive bellows are rubber “boots” that seal out water around the exhaust, U-joints and shift cable, while allowing the drive to pivot and tilt. These can wear out and require regular replacement (see owner’s manual for service intervals). Before anything, take off the drive, and once you

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