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5 Steps to Easy Boat Maintenance

Boats need constant attention. Here are five tips for easy boat maintenance that will keep yours in top condition. Don’t ever try to take anything apart aboard your boat unless you have a service manual for it. Check the oil whenever you use the engine. If the oil level is low, top it up immediately. Don’t try to remember to

The Summer Of Poker Runs Is Upon Us

Jason Johnson, columnist for Offshore Only and Speed On The Water Magazine, recently published an article combating his previous publication, Are Poker Runs a Thing of the Past?, beginning the piece with a simple answer — "Not even close." Check out a portion of the article below, or click here to read it in full. In the past week alone,

Dealing With Oil Contamination

Solve common oil contamination problems with these eight remedies. Fuel Fuel is the number one engine oil contaminant, more so with older carbureted engines. The fix is to tune the engine: timing, carburetor tuning, distributor cap, plug wires and spark plugs. Belt Dust poorly adjusted belts create dust that permeates the engine compartment, and it gets sucked through the flame

Onboard Entertainment Electronics

It’s a safe bet that whatever pleasurable pastime we engage in at home we also want to experience on our boats. Electronic entertainment is often at the top of the list. Here are some ways to enjoy music and video while afloat. Tunes You can listen to downloaded music, traditional CDs, AM/FM, mobile app or satellite music. Picking a sound

Boat Safer by Wearing a Life Jacket

Boating safety advocates across the U.S. and Canada are teaming up to promote safe and responsible boating, including consistent life jacket wear each and every time boaters are on the water, during National Safe Boating Week, held from May 17-23, 2014. National Safe Boating Week is the official launch of the 2014 North American Safe Boating Campaign. This yearlong campaign

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