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GTMM 39′ Video Tour

The GTMM39 is the ultimate performance boat with incredible acceleration and maneuverability.  The 39 is able to enter turns at high speeds in order to avoid obstacles, jet skis and the occasional diver.

Check out this detailed video tour of our very own GTMM 39′ Sport boat! This boat is the finest in its class and has gotten great reviews […]

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Poker Runs America Interview

Check out the video below of Poker Runs America interview with Giovanni Theodoli & Troy Hannon at the 2012 Miami Boat Show.

We received a lot of positive feedback about the boat and many of our fans are just as excited as we are about the new 39′ GTMM… If you didn’t make it out to the boat show watch […]

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Night Vision FLIR MS 224

Can you see in the dark, now you can. The first mate from FLIR. Chances are good that your boat’s only earning its keep when you’re on the water. How much more time would your boat spend on the water if darkness and poor visibility didn’t matter? Work more safely and efficiently with thermal night vision. FLIR’s thermal night […]

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ECOXBT Bluetooth Floating Speakers

Do you ever wish you had a set of speakers that can take the punishment. Check these bluetooth enabled speakers.
Boating is a fun activity and relaxes the mind and body. Many of us like to listen to tunes on the water whether its from your boats top of the line stereo or from an mobile device or smartphone. It […]

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GTMM39 Hits the Water

Check out the photo gallery below as the GTMM39 hits the water off the coast of Florida. The 39 offers 2 cockpit configurations: an open cockpit with wrap around windshield or a fully enclosed air- conditioned canopy designed for additional safety at high speeds. Both versions accommodate a 5-person cockpit with two ultra comfortable front driver seats and plush […]

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