The GTMM is composed of the finest materials and assembled by the most highly skilled craftsmen in the industry. These luxurious boats are the safest, the most elegant and above all, most sea worthy boats on the water.

Our mission is to design and build modern, high performance boats of  superior  quality. We strive to differentiate ourselves from other companies with multiple brands that have diluted the design and construction process. Each GTMM is made to order, so our focus is not on numbers, but rather quality and attention to detail.  Specializing in customer relations, we offer unique, hand laminated, limited edition, fully customizable, pleasure crafts built to the highest specifications in the industry. Working closely with each client, we design for his or her special needs and tastes.

GTMM also offers rigging services to Classic Magnum owners who are interested in service, restoration or a potential re-powering.

This is the future of power boating today. This is GTMM.