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Boat Trailer Maintenance & Towing Safety Tips

Trailering can add new dimensions to the sense of freedom that comes with boating and that’s one of the reason’s it is so popular. With a trailerable boat you’re free to boat just about anywhere: lakes, rivers, bays or inlets. Trailering is great way to explore different waterways in your state or region. Using a boat trailer is also […]

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Top Marine Electronics Accessories Boaters Forget To Buy

Here are just a few of the accessories boaters tend to forget to invest in, as compiled by Boating Magazine. Keep these in mind when shopping for your favorite boater this holiday season!

Electronic Charts for Your Chart Plotter/MFD
Pre-loaded “base charts” are just that – basic. When your purchase a chart plotter or MFD, explore all your options regarding cartography. […]

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Winterizing Your Boat’s Gasoline Fuel System

Ethanol-laced fuel has changed some of the rules for winterizing marine gasoline systems. When prepping a boat for winter storage, boat owners must now do all they can to avoid phase separation — a phenomenon in which ethanol combines with water and separates from gasoline, descending in a soupy goop to the bottom of the tank. While this can […]

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GTMM Showcased In Departures Magazine Luxury Blog

Departures Magazine recently published an article about GTMM and Giovanni Theodoli’s background in the field of luxury speedboats. Check out an excerpt of the article below!

Miami-based Giovanni Theodoli Marine Manufacturing (GTMM), owned by yacht-world veteran Giovanni Theodoli, is one of the newest luxury speedboat companies to enter the market. Theodoli has quite the boating pedigree. His mother, the Marchesa […]

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Top Tips For Boat Towing

Make sure everything goes smoothly and safely when launching your boat by preparing beforehand.

Pre-Launch To-Do List
(in parking area or ready lane)

Remove tie-downs.
Remove engine support.
Disconnect trailer wiring from tow vehicle.
Load and stow gear to be carried aboard.
Check boat systems: battery, engine, bilge pumps, lights and horn.
If equipped, turn on the engine-compartment blower.
Make ready dock lines, fenders and boat hook.
Install the […]

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