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Low Visibility Radar Tips

Radar can be a captain’s best friend, serving as electronic eyes to help safely navigate when visibility is limited. Yet there’s more to radar than watching for blips on a screen. Built-in features can help you in ways you may not have considered. Use these tips to boost safety at night or in fog or both.

Silent Sentries
Two very practical […]

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Six Tips To Aid In Go-Fast Boat Safety

Well-known offshore racing and boating writer, Matt Trulio, recently published this article with covering some basic tips to really help enhance your go-fast boating experience, while staying safe out on the water. Check out an excerpt of the article below, or read it in full here.

Free time is precious, which means that you need to enjoy every moment […]

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The Devil in Your Fuel — Clean Out Your Fuel System!

Water and debris in the bottom half of a filter means a visit to the shop is in order.  A writer for The Florida Sportsman reveals in the article below some of the issues that arise after boat spends a winter in storage.

If it’s been three months or longer since you last ran your boat, consider having the […]

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Mercury Racing Unveils 540 Engine

Dubbed as the replacement for the HP525EFI engine—the longtime workhorse of the Mercury Racing engine line—the new 540 engine debuted during the Miami International Boat Show. Click here to read the article from Speed On The Water, covering the debut, or check out the excerpt below.

Thanks to larger cylinder bores, the naturally aspirated 8.6-liter engine has a 21-cubic-inch displacement advantage—523 […]

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boaters and Those Who Love Them

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boaters and Those Who Love Them

Spring and the 2014 recreational boating season is just around the corner. With that in mind the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary would like to offer some special Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boaters to help them stay safe all year long, and will surely last longer than roses.

One of the best gift ideas for boaters is to sign them […]

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