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Spring Into Boating!

With Spring finally thawing the remaining evidence of Winter throughout the country, all the white shrink-wrappings and tattered blue tarps covering the boats will suddenly look out of date, wrong, misplaced. They’re no longer protections – they’re obstructions. We’re itchy to get under them. So, the wrappers finally come off and we see the objects of our affection again […]

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Three Tips to Make Docking Easier

Most docking articles detail techniques for manipulating wheel and throttle, or focus on wind and current. A rare few discuss the use of lines to “warp” or “spring” yourself into a berth. This article will ask you to get in touch with your boat, learn some of its intimate secrets and operate on a higher plane. It’s the Zen […]

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How Fast Is Too Fast? — Performance Boating Tips

Matt Trulio recently interviewed Tres Martin, the founder of the Performance Boat School and renowned driving instructor, reviewing some safety tips in relation to the ever-popular question… How fast is too fast when it comes to performance boating? Check out a portion of the article below, or read it in full here.

How fast is too fast?

Martin broke his answers […]

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Top Marine Electronics Accessories Boaters Forget To Buy

Here are just a few of the accessories boaters tend to forget to invest in, as compiled by Boating Magazine. Keep these in mind when shopping for your favorite boater this holiday season!

Electronic Charts for Your Chart Plotter/MFD
Pre-loaded “base charts” are just that – basic. When your purchase a chart plotter or MFD, explore all your options regarding cartography. […]

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Winterizing Your Boat’s Gasoline Fuel System

Ethanol-laced fuel has changed some of the rules for winterizing marine gasoline systems. When prepping a boat for winter storage, boat owners must now do all they can to avoid phase separation — a phenomenon in which ethanol combines with water and separates from gasoline, descending in a soupy goop to the bottom of the tank. While this can […]

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