Spring Into Boating!

With Spring finally thawing the remaining evidence of Winter throughout the country, all the white shrink-wrappings and tattered blue tarps covering the boats will suddenly look out of date, wrong, misplaced. They’re no longer protections – they’re obstructions. We’re itchy to get under them. So, the wrappers finally come off and we see the objects of our affection again […]

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Three Tips to Make Docking Easier

Most docking articles detail techniques for manipulating wheel and throttle, or focus on wind and current. A rare few discuss the use of lines to “warp” or “spring” yourself into a berth. This article will ask you to get in touch with your boat, learn some of its intimate secrets and operate on a higher plane. It’s the Zen […]

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How to Dewinterize a Boat Engine

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the weather has turned warm and you are itching to get out on the water. You need to make sure your boat is ready for the season before you plunge in. The place to start is with the engine, the most critical part of your vessel. Learn how to properly dewinterize […]

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Low Visibility Radar Tips

Radar can be a captain’s best friend, serving as electronic eyes to help safely navigate when visibility is limited. Yet there’s more to radar than watching for blips on a screen. Built-in features can help you in ways you may not have considered. Use these tips to boost safety at night or in fog or both.

Silent Sentries
Two very practical […]

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Six Tips To Aid In Go-Fast Boat Safety

Well-known offshore racing and boating writer, Matt Trulio, recently published this article with Boats.com covering some basic tips to really help enhance your go-fast boating experience, while staying safe out on the water. Check out an excerpt of the article below, or read it in full here.

Free time is precious, which means that you need to enjoy every moment […]

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