Night Vision FLIR MS 224

Can you see in the dark, now you can. The first mate from FLIR. Chances are good that your boat’s only earning its keep when you’re on the water. How much more time would your boat spend on the water if darkness and poor visibility didn’t matter? Work more safely and efficiently with thermal night vision. FLIR’s thermal night […]

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ECOXBT Bluetooth Floating Speakers

Do you ever wish you had a set of speakers that can take the punishment. Check these bluetooth enabled speakers.
Boating is a fun activity and relaxes the mind and body. Many of us like to listen to tunes on the water whether its from your boats top of the line stereo or from an mobile device or smartphone. It […]

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Florida Boating Regulations

From the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website, you can learn all the rules and regulations for boating. Learn the rules and learn how to register your vessel. Official website click here.

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