Italian Film Festival Coming October 2013

Celebrating La Dolce Vita, the Italian Film Festival promotes the films and culture of Italy in South Florida with an exciting series of full length features and short films screened at the Regal Cinema South Beach. Dedicated to breaking the boundaries of traditional cinema culture, the festival touches on Italian image, design and style. In addition to nightly film […]

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How To Tie Boating Knots

I know what you’re thinking… of course you know how to tie knots. Well maybe there are just a couple helpful knots that you don’t know about or maybe your first mate could use a little help. See hot to tie knots in Animated photo clips from GROG. And if your are really interested you can go online and […]

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Mercury Marine’s Ship Log App

Check out the new app from Mercury Marine. You likely have your phone with you more often then a pencil.

Ship’s Log provides an easy method of recording and sharing on-water experiences by automatically gathering time, weather and location information. With each log, users can enter and track engine data, create comments and notes about each log and upload photos. […]

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Proud Advertiser in Speed On The Water Digital Magazine

GTMM is proud to have been included in the first Speed on the Water Digital Magazine. The magazine showcased the new 39′ and excitedly included it in their digital content marketing materials also. Check out our ad on page 25!!!

Check out the online magazine here.

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The First Navigation Marine GPS Watch

You’ve got to see this watch by Garmin. Unbelievable built in GPS watch that could save your life, or at least get you where you are wanting to go.
QUATIX™ features a built-in high-sensitivity GPS Garmin navigator. You can actually load it with routes, mark waypoints, and it can guide you to your destination and back again. In addition, […]

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